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List of Worm Medicine for Adults

Not only children who can get worm infections, adults can also suffer from intestinal worms if they are not diligent in washing their hands and often eat carelessly. To treat it, there are several choices for adult worm medicine that can be consumed. Worm infection is a type of infectious disease that still occurs in Indonesia. This disease can easily occur if someone does not maintain environmental hygiene (sanitation) or lack of getting used to living clean and healthy. There are some habits that can cause worms easily infect the body, for example, rarely or lazy to wash hands, do not wash vegetables and fruit thoroughly before consuming them, or consume foods that are cooked undercooked. When it enters a person's body, parasitic worms can cause various health problems, ranging from malnutrition, lack of blood or anemia, to obstruction in the intestine or respiratory tract. List of Worm Medicine for Adults Worm infections may not cause symptoms. However, usually, people a
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Understanding the Food Pyramid as Your Healthy Eating Guide

As a guideline for healthy eating, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia has implemented a food pyramid with balanced nutrition. What foods are recommended and how to apply them? Check out the explanation here. The food pyramid is a nutritional guide for planning a healthy, balanced nutritious diet (not excluding certain types of nutrients), by dividing the portions of various food groups in the form of a pyramid. Understanding the Contents of a Food Pyramid with Balanced Nutrition The following is the order of the contents of a nutritionally balanced food pyramid, starting from the bottom to the top of the pyramid, following its application in the daily diet: 1. Eat a variety of staple foods Staple foods are carbohydrate foods that are consumed daily as the main food. The types of staple foods in each region can vary, including rice, corn, cassava, sweet potatoes, and sago. Even so, try to vary your staple food, by consuming more than one type of carbohydrate foo

Various Allergies Based on the Causes

Allergy is an excessive body reaction to a substance or object that normally does not cause disease. There are various allergies that can arise and cause health problems. Allergies arise due to contact with certain allergen triggers. This substance is called an allergen. At the time of contact, an allergic reaction will arise because the immune system considers allergens to be able to harm the body, even though these substances are not harmful. Various types of allergies that can occur So that you are not mistaken about the allergies suffered, the following types of allergies that usually occur: Food allergies Food allergies are immune system reactions after consumption of certain foods that trigger allergies. Allergic reactions in the form of skin and mouth feel itchy, the lips and face experience swelling, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, so difficult to breathe. This condition will appear after someone consumes certain foods that trigger allergies. Foods that often cause