Various Allergies Based on the Causes

Allergy is an excessive body reaction to a substance or object that normally does not cause disease. There are various allergies that can arise and cause health problems. Allergies arise due to contact with certain allergen triggers. This substance is called an allergen. At the time of contact, an allergic reaction will arise because the immune system considers allergens to be able to harm the body, even though these substances are not harmful. Various types of allergies that can occur So that you are not mistaken about the allergies suffered, the following types of allergies that usually occur: Food allergies Food allergies are immune system reactions after consumption of certain foods that trigger allergies. Allergic reactions in the form of skin and mouth feel itchy, the lips and face experience swelling, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, so difficult to breathe. This condition will appear after someone consumes certain foods that trigger allergies. Foods that often cause al…
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